Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Watching The Watchmen...?

APA ITU NERAKA?????? (translate from english)

I went to watch the so called BOX OFFICE movie of this year "THE WATCHMEN". Thinking that it is my favorite genre kind of movies, I'm so hesitate to watch it as it is in the same production of the epic "300" movie starring Gerard Butler. Dang!! If only I could get a hand on the director I'll yell," What were you thinking when you make the movie??"

Disappointment fill my guts as I've insured my pals to go watch the movie saying its really cool and incredible as "300",in the end it cost me alot! The story are elaborated too much on each of the characters and they even spoiled the audiences appetite with too much talking than fighting (they are superheros!! not supertalkos! hello!!).

Though it cost me RM10 to watch it (didn't get any student price! daa!), the waiting for 2 hours really making me sick..Huh, please no more unnecessary talking scene for an action movies such this! (info:it is rated 18PL! some censorship must be taken care la bro!).

My hope of having an enjoyable SUPERHEROs session is spoiled.

p/s: Dont know how DRAGONBALL:EVOLUTION gonna be..

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